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About the Terry Foundation

The Terry Foundation was established in 1986 by Houstonians Howard and Nancy Terry out of a desire to help young people to help themselves. The Foundation's goal is to strengthen the State of Texas by identifying Texas high school graduates who have promise of future leadership distinction and assisting them in developing their future and the future of those around them.

To achieve this goal, The Terry Foundation selects each year an outstanding group of Terry Scholars who are awarded collegiate scholarships for attendance at the University of Texas (Austin), Texas A&M University (College Station), the University of Houston (Main Campus), Texas State University-San Marcos, University of Texas at San Antonio, the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Tech University, or the University of North Texas. With principal selection criteria of demonstrated potential and need, it is the Founders' hope that Terry Scholars will have a significant impact on the future leadership of the state and nation.


About the Terry Scholars of North Texas

The Terry Scholars of North Texas (also referred to as TSNT) is a student organization comprised of undergraduate students who were named as “Terry Scholars” via application and interview process by the Terry Foundation for the University of North Texas. The organization began in the school year 2010-2011 when the first inaugural class of Terry Scholars was named to the university. Each year, 16 new scholars will be added to the organization. There are, at present, 33 Terry Scholars who are members of the organization. Many different majors and fields of study are represented by the University of North Texas’ Terry Scholars – ranging from the arts and sciences to education, journalism, dance, and international studies.


Our Mission

The mission of the Terry Scholars of North Texas is to aim towards the betterment of the university community in a variety of ways which will include, but are not limited to, community service, volunteerism, academic achievement, spirit for athletic events, social events, professional events, and any other event attended or created by students of the university.



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    Feel free to drop by the TSNT office in the Student Activities Center in 320MA. Our office number is 940-369-8113.
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