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  • Category: Cultural & International
  • Description: You’re in the right place; African Student Organization (ASO) is home to everyone who is interested in a world of culture. We are on UNT's campus ready to promote cultural awareness and to “Uplift Africa.” ASO was formed by combining two previous African organizations on campus. As a representation of our origin we promote unity in all forms while providing an open forum for members to discuss issues important to them. Our bi-weekly meetings consist of current African news, icebreakers, current events, food, games and intense yet friendly debates. We organize a weekend of tournaments, banquet, mixers, and talent shows with other universities such as Baylor, UT, TCU, SMU, TWU,UH, and UTA to provide our members the opportunity to network with students across Texas. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you can become part of our family. Sosena A.
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  • Keywords:
    • African
    • Africa
    • Nigeria
    • Ethiopia
    • Congo
    • Ghana
    • Liberia
    • Cultural
    • African Diaspora
    • Cameroon
    • Egypt
    • Sierra Leon
    • South Africa

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